Twin Newborn Girls | Nolensville, TN Twin Baby Photographer

Most newborn photographers LOVE twins. I am definitely one of them. These girls were born 10 weeks premature and were about 6 weeks old for the shoot. But they were great and slept like champs (they had mom and dad up all night). During the session, Mom and Dad watched some TV and snoozed on the couch in the loft area of my studio. Then they went across the street for lunch while I finished up. I love that moms and dads trust me with their babies. I don’t mind snuggling with them and doubling as a babysitter one bit!

Thank you, Jamie and Michelle, for bringing your sweet angels to me. I loved every minute!



  • nikki evans - love! :)

  • Michelle Weber - Jennie- We had a great time in your studio, you have made it very welcoming! Thank you for sending me tips for the photo shoot so we were prepared on the process. I’m so thankful you were able to get great shots of them even though they were 40 days old because of being in NICU for so long!
    Thank you!

  • John Jarchow - Grandpa is proud!!!

  • Sheryl Mroz - These are probably the best baby pictures I’ve ever seen…Anne Geddes, eat your heart out! And how about the two models? Cutest ever!

  • Ann Weber - Great pictures, very adorable babies!

  • Lesli - Your girls are precious!

  • Cheryl Jarchow - What priceless pictures you took of Brianna & Hailey – our special granddaughters. We will always treasure them.

  • Filumena - The pictures are wonderful… Thought they were done by Anne Geddes… The girls are very very cute!!!

  • Elaine Brueggemann - They do indeed look like angels… of Gods precious gifts/

  • John Wallace - I love these shots! So wonderful to see such beauties wne we are too far to see in person.

  • Barbara Wallace - It is so wonderful to have photographs of your children to show others and to reflect on how lucky you are. These are so wonderful and mean so much to me because I cannot see them until they come to Massachusetts!

  • Jim Weber - Beautiful girls. Great pictures.

  • David & Vendla Weber - Our great-neices are so cute and adorable. We can’t wait to meet them in person. Marvelous pics.

  • Tiffany Doble - These photographs are amazing! Great job! It really makes your life easy when you have such beautiful babies to photograph:) I really enjoy the different positions, scenery, lighting etc. Excellent work!

  • Jan Acker - happiness times two!

  • Hannah Mroz - Amazing concept and such beautiful little girls!! Adorable!

  • Gary Shannon - Even though they’re “cuter than bug’s ears” I’m sure that a session with these two had to be both fun and strenuous at the same time. The photography was excellent.

  • Kyle - Great pics!!!!!

  • Katie Corder - These pictures of the girls are amazing!!! Love them!

  • Patt Dunmire - They look like you could pick them right up off the screen. Awesome!

  • Karla Marshall - Beautiful Baby Girls! Too adorable for words. These pictures are amazing. Love them!

  • Patt Dunmire - Needed a pick-me-up so came back to the
    site to ooh and ahh!

  • Charley Endorf - Grandpa John never looked that cute NEVER. wow. Two cute babies.

  • Sarah Rosen - These pictures are works of art. I’m sure the Webers will treasure them always. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! BTW I’m sure it was Daddy that was snoozing on the couch!

  • Melissa Murray - These are just so darling!

  • Amanda Woodral - These babies are too cute for words! Jennie has captured God’s creations spectacularly!! Congrats Michelle and Jamie for your bundles of joy!!

  • Suzanne H - These are just some of the cutest baby twin pics I have ever seen! Love them!

  • Joy - Your pictures have been compared to that of Ms. Geddes… bravo! I happen to think they are better, especially with those twins!

  • Linda Adams - These pictures of our great nieces are so adorable. They are worthy of being in a book! Great job.

  • Kristine Hansen - These pictures are amazing!! I am so happy to see them since I haven’t met them in person. Very creative ways to capture the precious moments of these beatiful baby girls. You will cherish these photos forever!!!Congrats again Jamie and Michelle!!

  • Danette Altergott - How Wonderful and precious your girls are. Great Pics, So glad that you are all safe and healthy.

  • Lu Bohn - The photography is amazing, and so are the little ladies…I can’t wait to meet them.

  • Richard and Sharen Mast - I did not know you were having twins. They are precious, how fortunate you are. Beautiful babies.
    Good Luck with them.
    Sharen Mast

  • Pama Farmer - WOW…..WOW….I am in awe of how adorable they are!

  • Vivian - OH those are the best baby pics I have ever seen!
    SOOOO cute! Cant wait to meet the girls!

  • Amy - I love my nieces! These pictures of them are so precious!

  • michelle dixon - you’re work is gorgeous!!!

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