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This little guy was great especially given he pooped on me after a gassy tummy, had a bad case of clogged tear duct, and jaundice. Despite all that, he still finished in record time and was pretty good for posing:)His momma was fun to get to know and I love how his newborn session turned out. He has the sweetest hair and face!!! Enjoy – but beware, you may get Baby Fever!

Thanks Crystal!

I loved squeezing on him:)




  • Crystal Rowland - Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on Colton’s photos. I know there was some editing to be done, so thanks again for taking extra time on our sweet little boy.

  • Lindsay Hodges - super cute!!!!!

  • Joyce Blanks - He is such a cute baby and the pictures are great!

  • Sheila Fitzgerald - These are precious! Very well done!

  • Lyn Walker - These photos are absolutely beautiful! Colton is a perfect subject, but the poses are just adorable!

  • Lisa Rowland - So precious! Love him so much!

  • Jennifer Tapp - Wonderful pictures! So adorable!

  • Christie Tucker - You did a wonderful job! Beautiful pics of a beautiful baby!!

  • Brad Tucker - Great pictures of Colton! Very impressed!

  • Dale Rowland - So cute! Love him!

  • Chad Rowland - Thats my boy!

  • Rebecca Daniel - Love this little man ssoooo much!! Great great pictures!!!

  • Kim Stacey - Cute pictures! Can’t wait to meet him in person!

  • Connie Daniel - What cute, cute pictures. Looking forward to seeing how much hes grown.

  • Byrom Stacey - Now, let me see, Colton is my second nephew right? Or is it the first second nephew? Who cares, he can’t help but be cute since he is related to me, somehow. See you soon.

  • Chad Given - Great pics of a great looking baby

  • Lorenda Maddox - Love that sweet baby! Great pictures!

  • Fred Flintson - Cute!

  • Dawson Maddox - cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy Everett - #1 Grandson!!! Love the photos; love the subject even more! Colton is so relaxed.

  • Rich Lyman - Oh Boy! Now a C O L T O N!!!! Wish I could sleep like that and be that cute!

  • Louise Childress - Wonderful! That is why they call them Great Grandchildren!!

  • Staci Hicks - Precious! Can’t wait to see him again, hopefully soon

  • John David Thompson - He’s a model in the making, but I think he’s still got a chance to make as a football player! Really neat pictures. JD

  • Lori Thompson - These pictures are so precious! He is so cute.

  • Penny Childress - He is just a precious little boy! Love these photos!!

  • Jacob Coffey - Great pics. Hope to see you soon.

  • Patsy Coltharp - What a sweet face!! I want to see him soon!

  • Betty Garrett - My first great grandson! Is he handsome or what? The pictures are great.

  • Brooke Cowherd - Great pictures!

  • Keith - Looks like a chill little fella!

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