4 Pounds of Perfection! Im back! | Franklin, Tennessee’s Premier Newborn Photographer

I’m baaaaack! and it feels GREAT! So glad to be back to work, posing precious newbies, and loving each second! I started back with a 4 lb baby girl born at 37 weeks. She might be small but she is healthy as an ox! beautiful from head to toe and easy peasy! slept and slept…..

I think I could have posed her all day! I should have scheduled an outdoor set up for her. Its been so hot, I might as well take advantage. I had tons of fun with new setups, new props, and a brand new wood floor that was so fun to finally use on a client. Now, if only I could stop buying far more props than I need!

So how do I list my favorite features on this babe? Her perfect lips….

macro photography



or her perfectly posed hands…. so dainty and long. She is elegant!

Baby girl franklin, tn newborn photographer angelic hat prop Baby girl franklin, tn newborn photographer

wrap and headband

Baby girl franklin, tn newborn photographer

heads up pose froggy perfect posing mentoring workshops fur prop headband Baby girl franklin, tn newborn photographer


Or her sense of humor:)

macro photography
macro photography


This is my favorite from the entire session. And it was a last minute “She’s still asleep, grab another prop!” Baby girl franklin, tn newborn photographer

wrap yellow wood floor

  • Anne LaRue - Jennie, thank you for the great job with baby E. She’s beautiful and you captured her beauty for everyone to see and enjoy. Our heartfelt thanks. Her Grandma and Grandpa L.

  • Jessica - Thanks so much, Jennie! The photos are so beautiful. Choosing which ones we like best will be quite a task!

  • Betsy - Emerson is such a beautiful baby. I can’t even believe how perfect she looks! These photos are lovely. The yellow crochet number is my absolute favorite. What an angel!

  • Chris - Jennie, you’re a great photographer! Thanks for documenting Em’s adorableness!

  • Tonia - Chris and Jessica,

    She’s adorable, and these are great photos! Congrats!

  • Todd - The close up photos are amazing!

  • Carter - Perfection! Baby E looks so stinkin adorable! Thank you for posting these!

  • John M. - Very cute!

  • Kevin - Great pics. Can’t wait to meet her!

  • Jeremy - Officially cute. Well done, Jaegermeisters!

  • Katie - I love that she has a full wardrobe of headbands already! So cute!

  • Susan - Jennie, your work is absolutely amazing!!! We want all the pictures of baby E! How does one choose just a few when all are so fantastic? Thank you for providing us the opportunity to forever capture the first few days of baby E’s life! She is so beautiful and perfect!!! You captured all that plus her personality! What more could we have asked? Baby E”s G-mum

  • nicolo davidson - She’s amazing. I can’t wait to meet her!

  • Corinne - Absolutely stunning! Emerson is beautiful. Congratulations, Chris and Jessica!

  • Sara Beth - What a beautiful little sweetheart! I love all the different poses!

  • Debbie - She is adorable. Loved the pictures of Emerson!

  • Stuart - Great photos of a beautiful baby!

  • Natasha - Gorgeous baby and pictures!

  • Theresa - At each picture I thought, “Oh, I like this one the best!” until I saw the NEXT one. Beautiful baby, and beautiful photography.

  • sharon - I know E’s grandmother Susan from high school. These pictures are beautiful.

  • Pam Browning - What beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby.

  • amie - Really, really beautiful photos of precious Emerson! So glad she and her mama and papa are all well.

  • Miriam Farrington - Hi Jennie,

    I’m Emerson’s great-grandmother. She is gorgeous and you caught such elegant shots of her. My favorites are the last two, lying in a jar of flowers, both the color shot and the white shot.

    Many thanks for such intersting shots of a sleeping child. I also laughed at her fitting in a knit cap … for head or body!

    Miriam Farrington

  • J.B. - These are amazing pictures, I agree with Jennie’s favorite picture! Congratulations on your sweet little girl!

  • Feras - wow. these pictures are amazing. congrats again Chris and Jess.. let’s get her in a soccer jersey next time!

  • Daniel Way - Wow! Okay I am pleased to say the baby pictured is our great-great-niece. The photographer has done a masterful job of capturing her loveliness and charm. So sweet!

  • Ginger - Such a beautiful bub – from two of the most beautiful people in my life. Congratulations J + C on your precious new addition. These photos will be treasured forever. :) xx

  • Terry Wood - What a beautiful baby and the pictures are wonderful.

  • Cindy Smith - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

  • Mary - What beautiful shots you got of her. I am glad that Jessica has to be the one to pick out the pictures. You are right her lips are so perfect!

  • Ted - Thanks for your creativity with the camera and the sweet pictures! This is a great way to enjoy Emerson from a far.

  • Jared - I love the black and white one with her hands holding up her chin and her puffy cheeks! Most adorable baby ever :D

  • Troy - Jennie, the pictures are awesome! You are an artist. I love the one with her hands on her chin! She is perfect and we are so proud of Jess and Chris!

  • Pat Barton - Such a beautiful, beautiful baby….you are all so blessed!!

  • Gina - All of the pictures are beautiful but I’m with you, the last poses are the best!

  • Neill Farrington - First….start with a great subject. Emerson is beautiful and very photogenic. Many framables here. Nice job on the photography!

  • Tammy - As the official “work grandma”, I declare Emerson the most beautiful baby around! Can’t wait to hold her.

  • John - These are really amazing — love the staging and the props. She could not be more adorable! Can’t wait to see her again, and congratulations — the pictures are lovely!

  • Lee - Such a beautiful baby girl! Spectacular photography – what a treasure for Chris and Jess!

  • Vicki - Emerson is one of the prettiest babies ever. So graceful and elegant for such a wee one. The photos are amazing. Congratulations Chris and Jess! Jennie you are a talented photographer.

  • Anne Vieira - What beautiful photos! Emerson has the perfect skin! I don’t know how you will choose – just get them all!

  • Nancy - awesome photos…. and a beautiful baby girl to work with…. great photography!

  • Darlene LaRue - Jennie, your photography is wonderful. AND such a beautiful and perfect tiny baby girl. Emerson is my very first great granddaughter. I am so proud of Jessica and Chris and all my family. Such a blessing. I love the yellow pics, but love all.
    Darlene LaRue

  • Dane Schad - Nice baby! What time do you wake her up in the morning?

  • Jenny - What great pictures of this beautiful baby! Congratulations to the parents. I know grandparents (Troy & Anne) are very proud and undoubtably should be! Awesome job on the photography!

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