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I know what you are thinking? How to pronounce my last name….it is pronounced “Pie Fur Own” – easy enough huh? Imagine what I was thinking when I met my husband!

I have always loved babies, ever since I was little. I started out in college majoring in Early Childhood Education, wanting to teach. I then went on to get a degree in Psychology, specializing in developmental psych. But then I found that I had this passion for photography. So, I took my love for babies and children and combined it with this new found passion. Psychology most definitely has come in handy with children, understanding their ages and abilities.

I have been photographing babies since January 2010 and I love everything about it and enjoy working with each and every family. It’s such an amazing time in people’s lives. I also enjoy maternity photography, as well as working with older children and families.

When I’m not photographing precious babies and children, I’m a stay at home mom with my 2 boys. Im homeschooling my oldest, and loving every minute. Our new lifestyle of homeschooling does make me a busy lady.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you!


photo credit: Mclellan Style

  • katie - Jennie,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I too have found myself in that same “photography hole”, although I have loved it all my life I find myself unsure whether or not to take the leap into “business” or just continue to dabble. Your story put a smile on my heart, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Nicole - My husband and I travel do to his work and are now here in TN. We just had
    a little
    boy our FIRST! Who will be 3 months on Feb.3, his name is Colby. I have
    had a few
    pics taken of him and us since he has been born but no professional ones!
    I had his
    new born pics takin by a girl I know and I really wish I would have had them
    professionally done, so im making up for that now! :) I would also like
    some of us 3
    together and a few of myself if we have time beacuse I also have never had
    perfessional pics taken! I love your work ur so talented and I really hope
    u can fit
    us in!!! The only day we can do them would be Feb. 23rd! I know its kinda
    notice so ive got my fingers crossed! Hope to hear from u soon!!

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