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Addison is growing so fast, we had a blast letting her play in the water! She may not be a baby any longer, but I can still some baby-isms left. I hope she keeps a few for just a bit. Babies don’t keep! I designed her whole session. I love coming up with a vision and seeing it come to life. At the end, she gave us some of those sweet moments, sucking her thumb. Those moments, will be missed!


lifestyle baby photography in home bath bubbles

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Sweet Elizabeth came to me to capture her, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She was very sweet and soulful. Her momma says she’s sassy, but she didn’t show me that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look at her sweet images!

lifestyle baby photography in home bath bubbles


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I was able to photograph sweet Elizabeth. She is 3 and her mom says she is sassy. I never saw that side of her. She was just sweet and very fun to capture! We photographed at my home, where I have land. In the backyard is this small square of Weeds / Herbs / Flowers. You always get a different answer depending on who you ask. My kids have been telling me to use it in photos. Ive disregarded it, as you can see in this iPhone photo, its not much to look at:



This is where it pays to hire a photographer with an eye for photography. (I mean, clearly my kids had the eye and I had doubts! HA)

Here is what I shot here, and even a few from this same perspective.

nashville child photographer

Its January and the weather is bitter cold, even in Tennessee. It may snow today, they’re not sure. If it did, technically, it would be our 2nd snow, but the first snow, I think I saw all of 3 flakes ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve been inside and outside and enjoying all things winter. Greyson has been really into painting. I let him do it whilst I homeschool my older son, Atticus.


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