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What is a high-end photography session like?

First of all. I want to speak with you on the phone! I want to invest my time into YOUR potential session! Please invest time in it too, by speaking with me first hand. That way, we can go over the variety of options and get to know one another! My email to inquire about photography is and you can call me directly at 615-584-3363

A session with JPP is truly unique. I want my clients to have an amazing experience – and to enjoy being photographed, from the time we begin! I build RELATIONSHIPS with every.single.client. I bond with the babies and children, because its my passion and my whole heart! The BEST reward is when a child asks me if we can have another shoot in the future. My goal is to have this happen every time. I want children to enjoy their shoots and husbands too 😉

My clients are fully prepared with guidance and communication through every step. The session happens and it’s pure magic because, everything has been put into place for the magic to happen. All communications are clear. I will not simply shoot your session, I capture wonderful moments of your life. The emotion in the photos is pure, and truly unmatched. I build lasting relationships with my clients.

What do I get with Jennie that I may not get with other photographers?

A high-end photography session will leave you with both memories, and gorgeous photos to cherish for literally a lifetime. Children grow so fast, and capturing the earliest and most precious family moments is truly an investment worth making.

Because of my experience, I know the best locations, I provide wardrobe, props, and truly whatever is necessary to create a perfect shoot – I do not believe in guesswork when it comes to your cherished keepsakes. While more inexperienced photographers may hand over a disc with hundreds of unedited, imperfect images – I will only provide truly impeccable, stunning and perfectly edited photos.

Why Prints and not Digital images/thumb drives?

Do I offer Digital images? YES, but do I believe in digitals? Not totally! Why? Because photos were not meant to be stored on a thumb drive and tossed into a drawer somewhere! When your child is of Age, will you hand them a thumb drive? If the Grid goes down, what will you do if we are set back into the 1800s? I love having digitals as backup and prints too!

We are the MOST photographed generation with the LEAST amount of prints. Nothing makes me sadder than to see clients invest in good portraits only to have them sit on a thumb drive. Which brings me to another point: how many forms of digital images have we seen? First it was the floppy disc, then the CD rom, and now its thumb drives. Digital Format is NOT forever – prints ARE FOREVER! Clients LOSE their digital images, but never lose their prints. My pricing is intended to give clients gorgeous heirloom photographs that will be cherished and enjoyed forever. Everything includes BOTH digital and product.

How do I book and plan a session?

First things first: we will be chatting by phone! Internet is not personable. I do not email pricing, as it just creates questions and no answers. Please take the time to chat with me by phone.

When you are ready to reserve your photography session, Jennie will provide you a welcome packet that will go over the details of what to expect during the photoshoot. As your session gets closer, we will coordinate the location of the session, if outside, or will provide instructions for your newborn session. I’ll be sure that you’re fully prepared for what’s to come – and it’s truly a day of memories. Book your session now!


For complete pricing information, please use the contact form via the link above or you can also email Jennie directly.

What you Receive. After each session, you will be given online access to a password-protected gallery so you can select your collection and portraits. Your gallery will include a minimum of 25 hand-edited portraits.

Once you select your collection, your portraits will be printed and shipped to you in boutique packaging.

  • Libby Issitt - Jenny-
    I am pregnant and due 4/4/14 and was interested in more information on your Baby’s 1st year packag

  • Jennifer Elliott - Hello, Your pictures are beautiful. My baby is due August 3. I would love to set up a newborn session!

  • Laura Sanderson - Hi Jennie! My name is Laura Sanderson. My husband and I are expecting on November 4th and I wanted to inquire about your pricing for newborn photography.

    Thank you so much!

  • Laura Sanderson - Sorry, I will e-mail you about the pricing.

  • Emily Castro - Hello!

    I am 23 weeks pregnant and due June 1st. I would like more information regarding your pricing. My email is And cell is: 615-785-7199. Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

    Sincerely, Emily

  • Paula Bielicki - Can I get pricing sheet for newborn pictures? I see the session fee on your webpage but is there a minimum purchase for pics? If so, what is it? Thank you! Paula

  • Alejandra Chavez - Hi!

    I’d like to know the pricing for my one year-old. His name is Leonardo and we want his first year pictures with a small cake. You can also contact me on my cell phone at (615) 712-0639

    Thank You!

  • rebecca - Hi there,

    My baby is due in 3 months time.

    How much is your newborn package?
    And do you ever do home visits?

    Many thanks,


  • Samantha Harris - I am interested in a maternity and newborn package. I am due May 30th. I look forward to hearing from you!


  • Kari Maurer - Hi Jennie,

    I’m looking for someone that can do a family session of 16, it’s a family reunion. The date we would like to do the family session is for the June 25th. We would like to do an outside session…maybe somewhere a little away from the public and it will be in Nashville.

  • Whitney Hayworth - Hi! I’d like to request price quotes on your maternity collection and newborn collection. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant! Thanks so much!

  • Hannah Ray - Hi my name is Hannah Ray and I am expecting my first daughter the first part of May. I was interested in your prices for a newborn session and what exactly that price includes.


  • Heather Coffelt - Hey! I would like to request pricing information for newborn sessions and first year moments packaging. our baby girl is due early April. Thanks!

  • JoAnne - I’m expecting in August and would like some information on the pricing for new born sessions vs. the journey collection for baby’s first year. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Henderson - Please call or email me regarding booking a session for 6mo old and 2 year old in April, if you have availability.
    thanks. elizabeth 615-329-1812 today, 615-428-2158 tonight

  • Stefanie Floyd - Curious about prices. I have a 7 month old baby. May also be interested in family photos.

  • tripura - Hi, my baby boy is due June 2nd. Please do mail me the pricing for newborn session. Who all can participate in the shoot?

  • Shauna Soderquist - What is your pricing for a newborn photo shoot? The cost for the digital photos and do you have opening in early July?


  • Jordan Andrews - Hello! I’m interested in having maternity and newborn photos taken. My due date is 8/31/15. I’m 29 weeks. Can you please send me your complete pricing info?
    Thank you,
    Jordan Andrews

  • Caitlyn Tune - Hey! I am due with my 1st baby September 5th and was wondering if you could give me the prices for your newborn sessions and your journey collections. Thank you!

  • Jackie Messmer - I am due Aug. 30 and was hoping to obtain additional pricing information on newborn sessions, or for a first year package.

  • Angie Johnson - Good Afternoon1

    I am inquiring about pricing for a maternity session. I am due November 18th. calendar said that 22 weeks is the time to schedule a shoot, and well…I’m there.

    Please contact me via email, with package pricing, at your earliest convenience.

    Thank You!

  • Kayla Murrell - I would like more information on your little ones first year packages and what all it includes.


  • Monique Cordero - Hi, I have a 2 week old and am looking to getting newborn pictures done. I just wanted to know pricing and if there’s a sitting fee and also pricing for digital photos. Thank you!

    Monique Cordero

  • Taylor Rogers - Hi, I am due Sept. 27. And I’m looking for someone to do the newborn pictures. Your photos look great. Could you send me more information to my email please. The Price and what to expect.
    Thank you!

  • Tessa Foreman - Hello!

    I LOVE your work!

    I am driving through the area October 14th and was curious if you would be available for a session with 12 month old boy/girl twins?

    Thanks so much,
    Tessa Foreman

  • Abby Cox - Hi!

    We are due with our first on 11/24 and were hoping to get information on your pricing and packages.


  • Jauna-Lai Pettit - Hi I am wanting to do family pictures with my fiancée and our newborn son(2 months old). I was wanting to find out about your pricing and packages. Thank you.

  • Kimberly Abernathy - My son is 9mths old and I want to get pictures of him and I. When would this be possible?

  • Tiera Kimball - Hello! I love your work from the website postings and I was wondering if you were available to do a session on February 23 in the afternoon? Also, would it be possible to get more information on your pricing and packages? Thank you 🙂

  • Tamekia Bougard - Hi. I’m due in April and I’m interested in information on pricing and packages.

  • Lindsey - I am interested in your session prices for maternity and newborn sessions as well as what your digital and print prices are. I am 21 weeks currently.

  • Beth Hale - I’m interested in pricing/ packages for a maternity session for my husband and I. 6153977669. I’m 27 weeks. Thanks, Beth

  • liz Keating - I would like pricing please….my daughter, husband and two year old granddaughter live on a small horse farm in Nashville, closer to Franklin.

    I would like a photo of the family, plus pictures of just little Charlotte. Thank you.

    Two year old portraits have been the norm in our family and Charlotte turned two in March…it is time.

  • Jennifer - Hi, I am interested in your session prices for my 6 month old daughter.

  • Kristalyz Andasol - Hello I want to do a newborn session. What are prices for a session.

  • Sara Walker - Hello – Beautiful photos! I am interested in pricing information for maternity and first year packages. I am due late October/early November.

  • Teri Collins - Hello I am needing natural photos done for a 5 year old if you have any availability this month I am needing them back by September 10th.Could you please contact me asap with pricing and what you have available for the month of August. Thank you in advance….


  • Kedra Ruff - Hi Jennie – I am a friend of Katie Owen and was interested in getting price info for newborn sessions as I am due at the end of September.


  • Kirsten Hampson - Hi, we were wanting to get some family pictures taken in the fall and were wondering what the price to get them done would be.
    Thank you!

  • Becky Wtson - Do you specialize in maternity a long with newborn? I would like both, possibly a 6 month shoot as well. Do you offer those?


  • Lee Ann Bryant - Hi!

    I’m looking for a photographer to do a session with a one year old. We are wanting mostly pictures of her, but may want a few with our family. I would love to see your pricing structure, packages, etc. Your work is beautiful!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks so much,
    Lee Ann

  • Miranda Calvert - Hi
    I am due November 25th and I am looking to get maternity pictures done. I know I’m a little behind schedule but my husband is in the army and we are in the process of moving to Clarksville and will be there end of this week. I am looking to get pictures done asap if you have anything available! I would also like to know your pricing!

  • Kaycee Barnabi - I am looking to get a price for a family photo shoot. It is myself, husband and 2 children.



  • Lindsey G - Hi, I am interested in your newborn packages and pricing for prints and digital prints. Thank you.

  • Ashley Adams - I was wanting to get a quote for newborn pictures please.

  • sandeep - Hi – I am looking to get a family photoshoot Can you please let me know your schedule + Pricing options.

  • Alyssa - Hello,
    I’m interested in learning more about pricing. Not due until June but currently looking into maternity and newborn sessions.

    Thank you,

  • Megan - Hi,

    I would like to know your pricing and packages for a family portrait. Thank you!

  • Beth Beselica - Our baby boy is due March 28 and I was wondering about newborn packages/pricing.

    Thank you!

  • Katie Lee Terry - Hi,

    Could you send me pricing for session and prints/digitals for my 1 month old please. Thanks.

  • Shakhri - Hello! My name is Shakhri and I’m 29 weeks pregnant. I’m interested in your prices for a maternity session and what exactly that price includes. Thank you!

  • Theresa Fischer - Hello, I’m interested in obtaining pricing for maternity and newborn photos and any first year packages you have available. My due date is 7/22/17. Thank you!

  • Miranda Johns - I am currently 6 months pregnant and starting to look into newborn photographers because I’m not originally from this area! I was wondering if you could give me package options for newborn photos and possibly maternity as well!
    Thank you!

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